News & Updates September 20, 2018
The Angels Community Clinic is a free medical clinic for the working uninsured of Calloway County. We help people who have jobs or have been laid off within the past 6 months or who are uninsured full time students and currently reside in Calloway County. If you or someone you know needs medical care or minor dental care and meet our guidelines, encourage them to call us. 270-759-2223. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30-4:00 and Thursday 8:30-noon. We provide healthcare for individuals who fall in the 138% to 200% poverty level. If your annual gross income is below the 138% you qualify for MCAID and should go apply. If you are between the 138-200% we can help you. Here are the income guidelines with the rows indicating number in household. (the first row for one person, second for 2) 138% 150% 175% 185% 200% 16,753 18,210 21,245 22,459 24,280 22,715 24,690 28,805 30,451 32,920 28,676 31,170 36,365 38,443 41,560 34,638 37,650 43,925 46,435 50,200 40,600 44,130 51,485 54,427 58,840 46,561 50,610 59,045 62,419 67,480 We would love to have more patients. If you or someone you know are uncertain where they fit or qualify, we would be happy to get them to where they need to be. Wwe are only a phone call away. We are funded and operated entirely by donations. Our largest monthy donor to date is the Angels Attic. We could not continue our efforts without donations from individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations. Thank you. Yours for Good Health Sherry Crittendon, APRN

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